Two Year Acting Program: Xandra Leigh Parker

In this interview, Xandra Leigh Parker discusses exactly what it’s been like to examine at the two year acting program in the studio.

Two Year Acting Program – Meisner Studio Philadelphia – (215) 600-1669

How did you make the choice to research in a small selective training program like this?

I think it’s turned out great. I get plenty of time in class. I get to work on all thing that is different. I get to use everyone. You get to know everybody and it becomes a very familiar environment due to that, and it gives you the freedom to do things you didn’t know you’re prepared or capable to do. I believe that it’s worked out really wonderfully for me. I believe it’s significant because it’s such a long program that you get to really get all those things for this, I guess. Absolutely. I am starting to feel exactly what Charlie’s talking about before he is about to say it, so I think that it’s starting to gradually fall away, which is nice. I think each individual’s critiques are absolutely tailored by him to what they’re specifically needing to operate on.

It's like I have a new family. Everyone here is super supportive of each other in class and out. We hold each other accountable and push each other. It is an extremely nurturing environment.

Xandra Leigh ParkerTwo Year Acting Program

Your class, specifically, is quite tight-knit, not just the acting class, students which are taking similar classes, how has that been for you personally in class and at the studio?

Amazing. It is like I’ve got a family slightly. I believe it’s an environment because of how tight-knit we are.

And you’re enrolled in the professional actor training program, how can you believe, taking all of the auxiliary classes, you are only on your first year, but how do you find that already profiting you into the acting class?

Immensely, maybe not even only in my acting classes but also in life, because I’m carrying a lot of the self-wellness classes also. I think that things had a good grasp on, it is incredible just how much I did not know and how much I’ve instituted that at the rest of my life. I believe the entire program builds on itself really well. I’m not sure how to say this. I think that they slowly aid the acting program without you realizing it until you’re about halfway through and you start to see of the small things.

You had worked formerly before you arrived here, what finally made you decide to come and examine and commit to the program, take out time in career and actually commit to training?

I felt like I didn’t have a solid way of working however. I’d pieces, but I didn’t have a solid foundation to having the ability to go in and do my work. If I had been doing fantastic work, it was almost and not out of training. I think that the choice was by far the best one. I have seen before much differently and almost wish I could go back and do it again, how I’d have approached roles. I feel that my life experience with all the training program has been beneficial for me, I am glad I’m hitting on it in this time, definitely.

How do you believe the two Charlie and your classmates have helped you increase your standard on your own? What you’re willing to commit the functions you are growing, to the job you are working on, how have they helped you increase your standard?

As soon as you have one of those classes which you feel completely hastened, you want it more and more and more. It is almost like you want your self. It isn’t a competition with your classmates, but you want to be certain that you’re always pushing and always striving to do something which scares you because that feeling is unfakeable, I think, and has been a few of the scariest classes but also the finest things that I was scared to do so, even to strategy for a topic, have been monumentally helpful.

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Meisner Technique Two Year Acting Program – Xandra Leigh Parker

And compared to other places you have researched or taken classes, how do they compare to Maggie Flanigan Studio?

The dedication is different. Everybody here is here for the correct reasons. This is wanted by them. They are eager to work for this, and that is just unlike a lot of studios I had been in. The proportion of men and women that are searching for the right motives, who are here to train to be a true artist, to make choices that are courageous and bold and to take it. I believe that is a major difference. And you feel secure here in order to try that stuff. I think that it’s very individual. I really feel as if I have a specific relationship. They instruct each pupil to what they need marginally differently. I believe it’s absolutely individualized, and I feel that’s my favourite thing about it. My connection with my instructors is different than another pupil’s, and that it should be.

What would you say to somebody that’s possibly a buddy that’s been working in the company for some time but hasn’t really dedicated to training or else they feel like they’re stuck or perhaps somebody you have just met at a workshop and they’re maybe toying or considering committing to a two-year program especially, maybe not your understanding in studio?

I’d say, going back to college is a very hard choice for me because I had been worried I was taking a step back. But at the exact same time, I felt like I didn’t have the principles and at least in the start of the year no matter how frustrating the fundamentals are, and they certainly were, I believe it’s constructed a much more solid foundation for myself to attempt frightening things, and I feel that is the thing I’d say to individuals that are contemplating doing that. Should youn’t have a foundation that is solid, how do you build a career? So I’d say, “Surely. Jump in and get it done.” This is the place for me.

Well, you are finishing up your first year at the moment and you’re going to be heading to the second year at the autumn, are you really excited? How do you feel about that?

I am quite excited. We’ve gotten small tidbits that everything hasn’t been given by years away, but I am really eager to try out each of the things that we keep pushing and keep pushing and keep hearing whispers around. Yes, I’m very excited for the year.

Two Year Acting Program – Meisner Studio Philadelphia – (215) 600-1669

So, Xandra, a few pupils who you started the first year with, in September, is no longer here, what does that say about the program, the passion, and the dedication it takes to become a serious actor?

I think this program focuses on artistry, first and foremost, and taking chances, but in addition, it focuses on work ethic. There is a lot demanded of you and most of it’s on yourself. And, of course, the classes ask that you construct onto it, but in case you’re not working for yourself, then you’re not actually doing anything. I believe that this program thus far has coached me to drive, and push, and push and always work hard. Charlie warned us at the start that that was the thing we’re going to have to do, it is simply to work as quickly as you can. And he was right. I don’t think I have ever worked as hard in a program before, and I’m really glad that I’m.

And what could you say to a fellow actor who is out there auditioning, maybe not reserving, they’re working and want to be booking, that’s fearful that training will take away their validity, or set them inside their head, or take away what makes them special. That coming into a program like this would get in the manner that. What would you say to them?

I think that this program can help you explore your individuality. It Kind of illuminates it if anything. I have found a great deal more about myself and my own issues with acting or blocks that I’ve given myself all my tension and what that means for me personally as an individual. I believe that it can help you open up your individuality more than anything else. You’ve got a clearer idea of who you are what you believe, and as a person, and what matters actually strike against you. I believe, it’s the opposite if anything else.

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Two Year Acting Program – Charlie Sandlan in Acting Class with Students

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