Professional Acting Workshop

Date: 04/14, Philadelphia

Cost $25

Interested students should call (215) 600-1669 to register for the one day training.

Contact: Call: (215) 600-1669


Workshop on Saturday, Workshop on Saturday, April 14th from 12pm-4pm

@ The Whole Shebang 813 South 11th Street Philadelphia, PA 19148




If you are interested about the art of acting, and have been considering the possibility of pursuing professional actor training, the Maggie Flanigan Studio is offering INSERT CITY residents an opportunity to explore your curiosity. Our one-day acting workshop, led by our Executive Director and Head of Acting Charlie Sandlan will introduce you to the Meisner Technique, and the essential requirements needed to sustain a serious acting career. Perhaps you have found yourself stuck in a career that is unfulfilling, and have had this childhood dream that you have tucked away as something impractical. You may have acted in your high school or college days, and wish you had pursued this passion with more commitment. Or you have the strong desire in making the move to New York City to train, feel overwhelmed about how to choose the right professional actor training program, and don’t know how to start that search wisely. Wherever you are in life, if you love acting, and would like to have some questions answered about the art form, the demands of the business, and the benefits of Meisner training, our workshop is for you.



Acting is an art form that requires a fundamental skill set which should ultimately be second nature in the actor. Musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors, even athletes continuously work on their craft. Acting at its best requires the same dedication and work ethic. In the Maggie Flanigan Studio’s one-day acting workshop, led by our Executive Director and Head of Acting Charlie Sandlan, you will discover what these fundamentals include. Those who attend will learn about an actor’s placement of concentration, and how to begin to get the attention off of yourself and on to the other person. You will discover the importance of vulnerability and spontaneity, and why these qualities are key to freedom and authenticity in acting. You will understand why listening is the most important tool in an actor’s skill set. You will be introduced to the technique created by Sanford Meisner, and why it is considered one of the greatest acting techniques ever developed. Charlie will also talk about the history of acting, the skills that any professional actor needs to master, what separates the professional actor from the amateur, and how to bridge the gap between the two. This day is an opportunity for anyone curious about the art of acting to have questions answered and hopefully some inspiration to turn your passion into concrete steps with which to move forward.



3 Reasons: Why Study the Meisner Technique?


Meisner Trained Actors Create Fully Realized Human Behavior


Meisner Training Creates A Vulnerable And Emotionally Deep Actor


The Meisner Technique Teaches Actors How To Be Spontaneous With A Script

Sanford Meisner, a member of the Group Theater in the 1930’s, developed a technique for training professional actors, that is now considered one of the greatest acting techniques in the world. A Meisner trained actor understands that acting is the ability to truthfully do under an imaginary circumstance. Bad actors indicate and pretend. Meisner training will teach you how to create organic, vivid, fully realized human behavior. The Meisner Technique also helps the actor understand the proper place of emotion in the actor’s experience. Most amateur actors mistakenly believe that the more emotion you can squeeze out, the more talented you must be. This is not true. Meisner understood that acting is doing, however, he knew an actor must develop a very fluid and truthful inner life in order to truly illuminate the human condition. Also any Meisner actor will tell you that their job is to create behavior. This requires an ability to craft simply, specifically, and personally. A Meisner training program will teach you the important questions that must be answered when breaking down a script, and how to bring your spontaneity and authenticity to text. The full two-year progression of professional Meisner training will make all of these skills second nature in any serious actor.



The Maggie Flanigan Studio is considered one of the best actor training programs in the United States. Our Two-Year Professional Actor Training Program is rooted in the accurate progression of Sanford Meisner’s acting technique. Founded in 2001 by Master Teacher Maggie Flanigan, the studio has cultivated a small, nurturing, and challenging conservatory approach to actor training. Located in the heart of Manhattan, the Maggie Flanigan Studio is dedicated to the individual student and their needs. Classes in Voice, Movement, Theater History, Script Analysis, Nutrition, Film History, Monologue, Cold Reading, Commercial, Film & TV, and Business provide the opportunity for students to curate a rich and challenging conservatory approach to becoming not just actors, but serious artists. The Maggie Flanigan Studio has the reputation of producing smart, disciplined, and well trained actors ready to compete in a challenging industry.


Seth Andrew Miller

“If you are serious about your dedication to acting, there is no better place to develop. Charlie Sandlan and the staff at Maggie Flanigan studio will empower you to take on any obstacle in your career.”

Victoria Pence

“Maggie Flanigan Studio is the real deal. Every class was a new revelation of what it is to be an actor, an artist, a human being. If you want to become an actor, this is the place to really learn how to act.”

Pedro Morillo, Jr.

“I walked in a boy, left an artist. Thank you. This is not only an actor training, this was a life changing experience. I use this technique outside of acting. I can’t express how grateful I am to have this curriculum under my belt.”



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