Voice and Speech Class for Actors Southwest Philadelphia - Meisner Studio Philadelphia 04

Voice and Speech Class for Actors

Voice and Speech Class for Actors Philadelphia includes four separate 24-class, 12-week semesters dedicated to the voice and speech development necessary for any serious actor. The training is based on the brilliant vocal training created by the world’s foremost voice teacher Kristin Linklater. A resonant voice and clear speech...

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Master Class for Actors Southwest Philadelphia - Meisner Studio Philadelphia 01

Master Class for Actors Philadelphia

Master Class for Actors Philadelphia is a ten week, 10 class scene study class taught by our Artistic Director and Master Teacher Maggie Flanigan. This class is filled through a personal interview with Maggie, and is geared toward well trained, professional actors who are looking to challenge themselves with...

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Two Year Acting Program Southwest Philadelphia - Meisner Studio Center City Pa

Two Year Acting Program Philadelphia

The heart of the Two Year Acting Program Philadelphia at the Meisner Studio Philadelphia lies in the Meisner technique training developed by Sandy Meisner. A member of the legendary Group Theater of the 1930’s, Meisner created a way of training actors that is rooted in truth and the artist’s...

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Meisner Technique Southwest Philadelphia - Meisner Studio Philadelphia 03

Meisner Technique Philadelphia

3 Reasons: Why Study the Meisner Technique Philadelphia? 1. Meisner Trained Actors Create Fully Realized Human Behavior In 1935, Sanford Meisner began his teaching career at the Neighborhood Playhouse and developed over many decades one of the most fool-proof ways of instilling actors with fundamental skill and technique. When...

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Meisner Training South Philadelphia - Meisner Studio Philadelphia 02

Meisner Training Philadelphia

When many actors hear the words Meisner training Philadelphia, most refer back to the hodge-podge of repetition exercises from their college theater classes. Meisner training and repetition are indelibly linked, but unfortunately most teachers and actors have no clue about how the truly sophisticated technique that Sandy Meisner created...

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Meisner Summer Intensive West Philadelphia PA 01

Meisner Summer Intensive Philadelphia

The Meisner Summer Intensive Philadelphia is a six-week, 18 class acting program that provides students the opportunity to get the beginning third of Meisner’s first year of Meisner Technique training. There are many summer intensive programs that actors can choose from in the Philadelphia Pa area. If you are...

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Nutrition for Actors: Knowing your Primary and Secondary “Foods”

Lianna Nielsen teaches nutrition classes for actors at the Maggie Flanigan Studio in New York. In this video blog post Lianna talks about the importance in understanding the connection between primary foods and secondary foods. One of the biggest lessons I took from my time at the Institute of...

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3 Misconceptions About Professional Actor Training

I have found over the last decade and a half training aspiring actors in the Meisner Technique, that most students have big misconceptions about training when they first start exploring their options. There are such an array of classes, workshops, conservatories, and coaches in NYC, that if one does...

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