Meisner Studio Philadelphia PA

Meisner Studio Philadelphia proudly provides professional actor training for students from the University of the Arts, as well as actors and students from these Philadelphia and surrounding areas:

Our Studio Philosophy

The studio was founded by Maggie Flanigan in 2001 to fill what she saw as a substantial gap in American actor training. Our studio is rooted in the belief that a rigorous and inspiring conservatory-based training program should remain small, intimate, and nurture while challenging students to meet the highest professional expectations. MFS started with Maggie’s reputation as the clearest and most definitive teacher of Sanford Meisner’s technique and has evolved over the last 15 years into the most respected professional actor training program in the United States.

Professional Training Includes Integrity

Lead now by Charlie Sandlan, the Maggie Flanigan Studio has assembled an exceptional faculty with the experience and integrity to carry Maggie’s vision and high standards to a new generation of aspiring artists. Our conservatory program has one goal: to produce a complete artist; actors who possess the skill, craft, and education necessary to work well into their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. We accomplish this with a curriculum that goes beyond the acting class. Movement, Voice & Speech, Theater History, Film History, Anatomy For Actors, Script Analysis, Film & TV, Monologue, Shakespeare, and Cold Reading develop actors who can compete with those graduating from the top MFA programs in the country. And our Business Class, led by the Emmy-nominated producer (HBO documentary Casting By), casting director, and actor Kate Lacey prepare our actors for the professional expectations of the business.

Talented Actors Need Technique

Talent is important, but it is not nearly enough. To build a successful career, the best artists in all mediums have a solid technique that becomes second nature and serves as the floorboard for their talent. It’s this belief that has given the Maggie Flanigan Studio the reputation for producing well-trained, professional actors who can craft a role. Trained actors know how to create rich, organic, and experiential behavior, consistently. But equally important, our actors also possess a strong work ethic, an inviolate sense of truth, and a passion for the art of acting: qualities we believe to be essential for a successful and respected acting career.

The Arts are Alive in Philadelphia

philadelphia pa skyline 01
Philadelphia is rich in culture, art and a profound history of creative expressions.

Philadelphia is rich in culture, art and a profound history of creative expressions. It has a particular penchant for culture, performing and visual art. If you are visiting Philadelphia, prepare yourself for an entirely new level of art and culture from the city’s lively jazz clubs, to the oldest art museums in the country. Make sure to create time to take a trip through the Parkway museums, a stroll down Avenue of the Arts and finally get to enjoy a live performance.

Philadelphia’s creative side expresses itself through art galleries, theaters, and music venues. The city is full of artistic attractions. Music venues span the nightlife spectrum from grand orchestral halls to intimate jazz cafes. Philadelphia also offers a free open-air gallery from the local artworks.

Theaters in Philadelphia

philadelphia pa walnut street theatre theatre 01
The Philadelphia Walnut Street Theatre is the home of American theater scene

Philadelphia boasts of more than 20 professional theaters and has become a vibrant and distinctive theater town. It boasts of one of the oldest continuously operating theater in America. Walnut Street Theatre stands at the corner of Ninth, on a National Historic Landmark structure. With over two hundred yards in existence, the Walnut Street Theatre is the home to many firsts in the American theater scene: installing the nation’s first gas footlights (1837) in theaters, the first theater to install air conditioning and the famous curtain call, which is now a tradition in theaters worldwide.

This theater has staged some of the country’s most prominent actors including Edwin Forest, Paul Robeson, Helen Hayes, Marlon Brando, and Audrey Hepburn among many others. The theater has created a venue for people to clap and cheer for Vaudeville, lectures, circus, opera, music, dance, lectures motion pictures, not forgetting the live theater production.

Today, this theater stages different plays for the benefit of intellectuals and theater enthusiasts. It also produces an enormous variety of events for all tastes and ages.


philadelphia pa orchestra 01
The Philadelphia Orchestra is well-known and one of the most preeminent orchestras in the world.

Philadelphia has a strong history of music, with a thriving musical ensemble and musicians who perform in jazz bands, orchestras, and soirees. The Philadelphia Orchestra is well-known and one of the most preeminent orchestras in the world. The orchestra has been able to sustain high levels of artistic qualities with its distinctive sounds and ability to capture the hearts and imagination of its audience.

The Philadelphia Orchestra is admired for a legacy of creativity and innovation on and off the stage. The orchestra continues to wow audiences with its ability to create challenging and exceedingly powerful musical experiences in Philadelphia and around the world. It performs for the local fans during summer at the Mann Centre for Performing Arts and other venues across Philadelphia including the Longwood Gardens, Penn’s Landing, and the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The Orchestra is also a global ambassador for Philadelphia and the United States.

Art Museums

Philadelphia pa art museum 01
The Philadelphia Museum of Art is amongst the oldest and largest museums in the U.S.

Philadelphia is for art and history enthusiasts. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is amongst the oldest and largest museums in the U.S. In fact, the Philadelphia Museum is a landmark building. It brings art to life with a world-renowned collection of art from different periods in time with over 300,000 works of art. The Museum offers scholarly study and creative plays that bring the arts to life and inspires its visitor’s spirit of imagination.

It also provides an extensively revitalizing home for treasure trove items such as the Joe Frazier’s boxing gloves, Benjamin Franklins wine glass, super impressionist and post-impressionist paintings, Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers, among other objects that chronicle three centuries. This museum is built for both art lovers and history aficionados with surprises at every turn.

The diversity of this museum is astonishing with the vast art collection of the Barnes Foundation, the finest public collection of Auguste Rodin, exceptional American paintings by Claude Monet, EdouardManet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas and Camille Pissarro which make the experience surprising, lively and memorable.

The Philadelphia Museum also has amazing period rooms, sculptures’, silver, furniture, and ceramics that reflect Philadelphia’s role in the American History. The museum also houses fun dining and shopping options within the building.

Philadelphia is a treat for the eye for many tourists. Its architectural splendor that has dotted the city with imposing edifices brings out its culture. It is a potpourri of culture and art, with its residents coming from all parts of the world. Hence, the city flourishes in unique art and culture that are intertwined from different communities, races, and religions. Art and culture thrive in Philadelphia.